Parramatta Lanes FAQs

Find out everything you need to know about attending Parramatta Lanes.

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Do I have to pay an entry fee for this event?

No, all areas of PL are free to attend. You can purchase food and drinks from stalls and bars on site.

Where is the event held?

PL is held over 15 sites throughout the Parramatta CBD:

  • Parramatta Square
  • St John’s Lawn
  • Centenary Square
  • Macquarie Street
  • Church St (South)
  • UNE Building, Church Street
  • 23 George St
  • Red Cow Lane
  • Erby Place Carpark
  • Eat Street Carpark Rooftop
  • Erby Pocket Park
  • Phillip Lane
  • Justice Precinct
  • Heritage Building
  • Lennox Bridge / River Foreshore
What happens if it rains?

PL will not close unless there is a lightning storm, torrential rain or hail. Light/medium rain will not affect the event. If conditions make it unsafe and the event is closed, this information will be updated on Council’s social media platforms and website.

Is this event suitable for families?

Yes, everyone is welcome at this event and there will be plenty to keep children entertained. Please note, after 7pm entertainment may include strong language and adult themes.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are welcome – we even have a special dog-themed site this year! Check it out at Lennox Bridge / River Foreshore.

Please ensure dogs are:

  • On a leash
  • Well-socialised with other dogs and people
  • Comfortable in noisy and highly crowded environments
  • With owners who clean up after them immediately!

Service dogs are welcome.


Are the sites accessible?

All sites are accessible, except for our River Foreshore site. Some routes are easy and some are more challenging. On-site directional signage will assist people that need flat, easy paths. There are existing doorways and structures such as Eat Street Carpark - where lift dimensions and ramp gradients affect accessibility.

Are there accessible toilets onsite?

Accessible toilets will be available at: 

  • Centenary Square
  • 23 George Street
  • Erby Place Carpark
  • Phillip Lane
  • Justice Precinct

Getting there

The best option is to arrive by public transport - all sites are less than a 15-minute walk from the railway station. Parramatta Lanes takes place in an area bounded by Centenary Square, Church St, Parramatta River and Smith St in the Parramatta CBD and we encourage you to walk from site to site.

Is the event accessible by public transport?

Yes. We encourage you to come to the event by public transport!

Please visit for the most up-to-date information about available services.


Buses will be operating following the standard timetable. Dismount on Argyle Street or Phillip Street for direct access to event sites.


Trains will be operating as per standard weekday and weekend timetable. 

Are there any Bike Valet Services?


Where can I park?

There are many car parks in the CBD and Lanes attendees are directed to use the Parramatta Square Carpark (24hr). Please click here for more information. 

Are there any road closures & limited car park access in the CBD during the event?

Yes, see below. The following many be subject to change.

Road Closures, access and Car Park Closures
Traffic management will be in place during the event times for pedestrian safety.

Road closures, access and car park changes: 

11 October – 14 October 2022
Macquarie Street (Btw. Marsden and Church Streets) – Closed daily from 3pm – 12am.

9 October – 16 October 2022
Eat Street Carpark – Ground floor and rooftop level closed. The remainder of the carpark will operate as usual. Event days: 11 October – 14 October: Vehicle entry off Horwood place only.
Exit onto Erby Place. No entry off Phillip St.

9 October – 16 October 2022
Phillip Lane – North end of Phillip Lane closed. 
Event days – 11 October – 14 October: Phillip Lane closed daily from 3pm – 12am.


What steps are Council taking to promote sustainability?

Council will offer reusable cups across all bars.

Water refill and hydration stations

As well as existing water bubblers in Centenary Square and on the river foreshore, we will have four more stations placed at St Johns Lawn, Justice Precinct and Erby Place Carpark sites for you to grab a drink or refill your own water bottle. 

Biodegradable and sustainable stalls

All our stallholders are required to use sustainable and biodegradable service ware and we restrict the sale of single use plastic at the event.


Where is the bar / Where can I grab an alcoholic drink?

Licenced bars and areas can be found at:

  1. Centenary Square
  2. 23 George Street
  3. Eat Street Car Park Rooftop
  4. Erby Place Car Park
  5. Baba Ganouj
  6. Phillip Lane
What’s happening at each site?

The full program will be announced on our website in September. Sign up to receive information by email as it is announced.

Each site has a different lineup with amazing musicians, bands and DJs performing as well as a range of art installations, lighting features and food offerings.

Where are the art installations located?

Bloom – Lawrence Liang
Location: St Johns Lawn

Sky of Bubbles – Atelier Sisu
Location: Red Cow Lane

Teddy – EJ Son
Location: Erby Place Carpark

Kalanjay Dhir – Habit Habit 
Location: TBC

Jodie Whalen – banner art 
Location(s): Banners around CBD

Projection art – Clipped TV
Location: 23 George St