Explore Parramatta virtually

Take a wander through Parramatta and its neighbourhoods and discover our beautiful river city in this brand new 360 virtual tour.

Explore Parramatta virtually

Get started in the centre of Parramatta, then head over to Parramatta Park, Parramatta North, Harris Park and Rosehill, along the Parramatta River Valley Way and across to Sydney Olympic Peninsular. 

On this virtual tour you can explore some of Parramatta’s most fascinating heritage properties including;

  • Brislington Medical & Nursing Museum
  • Colonial Hospital Pavilions
  • The Dairy & Rangers Cottages
  • Elizabeth Farm
  • Experiment Farm Cottage
  • Hambledon Cottage Museum
  • NSW Lancers Museum
  • Newington Armory
  • Old Government House
  • Parramatta North Heritage Area
  • Philip Ruddock V Heritage Archaeology Display Centre
  • The Whitlam Institute
Warrami Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural Walk - Destination NSW

Explore Parramatta on a guided tour

The Parramatta Heritage & Visitor Information Centre’s friendly staff provide a unique starting point for discovering Parramatta - the city that tells the story of Australia. The City of Parramatta’s Hosts & Guides are based here offering a wealth of information to help you to plan your visit in and around Parramatta. 

woman sitting on a sofa inside Hambledon Cottage reading a book

Parramatta's history and heritage

Parramatta is a fascinating mosaic of stories, cultures and histories from those of the traditional landowners, the Darug people, to the early colonists, to the diverse people who have made the City what is it today. Learn more about Parramatta's history and heritage.