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City of Parramatta is vibrant, inclusive and dynamic. Join us in transforming our night-time economy to further cement our status as a global, world class City. Let’s keep the momentum going and ensure Parramatta continues to shine day and night.

City of Parramatta is forging a path to become a global City, and you can play a key role. We want the City to be a place where at any time of day or night, you can get a great meal, go dancing, enjoy arts and culture, grab a coffee and shop!

Bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, retail shops, service providers, event, entertainment and indoor recreation venues and spaces in the Parramatta City Centre can now apply to Council to trade up to 24/7 or extend their hours of operation. 

Why Get Involved?

24-Hour Trading

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24-Hour Trading

Unlock the potential to operate around the clock or extend trade hours with Council approval.

New Approval Guidelines

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New Approval Guidelines

Our Late Night Trading Development Control Plan (LNT DCP) provides clear guidelines for venues looking to operate as late night trading venues. Read our FAQs to find out more about the LNT DCP. 

Community Balance

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Community Balance

We’re dedicated to fostering a vibrant nightlife that enriches community engagement, while maintaining a welcoming and enjoyable environment for residents, workers and visitors.

Economic Growth

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Economic Growth

24/7 or late night trade can inject more money into the local economy, create new jobs for locals and provide more opportunities for cultural events and live music.

Why Parramatta City Centre?

Safe and Inclusive

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Safe and Inclusive

Parramatta has achieved Purple Flag accreditation which means that our City’s CBD meets international standards of excellence in vibrancy, diversity and safety at night.

Convenient Transport

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Convenient Transport

Excellent transport infrastructure makes travel to, from and within Parramatta easy.

Local Excellence

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Local Excellence

Parramatta City Centre can service the needs for locals and visitors, without needing to travel to Sydney CBD. Image: Desination NSW

The night-time economy is vital to Parramatta's economic, cultural, and social fabric. By embracing extended trading hours with our LNT DCP, we can ensure Parramatta continues to thrive as a dynamic, and unique world-class city.


What is a Late Night Trading Development Control Plan (LNT DCP)?

The Late Night Trading DCP (LNT DCP) provides a set of rules for businesses in Parramatta City Centre that want to operate late into the night or early morning. It includes guidelines to manage noise and maintain a balance between a lively nightlife and pleasant environment for residents. 

Download  our Late Night Trading Development Control Plan (DCP) 

You can access the Council’s Development Control Plans here.

Why has the City of Parramatta created this Plan?

The Plan aims to create a vibrant and diverse nightlife in Parramatta and is aligned with our vision to become a global city with a bolstering night-time economy. The City of Parramatta encourages a wide range of night-time activities, from retail and service providers e.g. convenience stores, hairdressers, gyms to more traditional venues such as restaurants, bars and entertainment spaces. Our goal is to foster a safe, thriving and diverse night-time economy, promoting Parramatta CBD as a vibrant 24-hour City. 

What are the key points from the Late Night Trading Development Control Plan (LNT DCP)?

Business Hours: Establishes standard and potential extended trading hours.

Trial Periods: Two trial periods (2 years and 5 years) for businesses to prove they can manage extended hours responsibly. The longer trial periods, provides greater certainty for investors and business owners across the City Centre.  

Acoustic Controls: Both late night trading venue and new residential/commercial developments in the City Centre must include noise-reduction measures to share the responsibility.

Existing Businesses: Current businesses will continue unaffected under their existing approvals 

What types of business are eligible to apply for up to 24/7 or late night trade?

Any business in Parramatta City Centre can apply, including bars, cafes, restaurants, retail shops, service providers such as hairdressers and beauticians and event, entertainment and indoor recreation venues such as cinemas, theatres, bowling alleys and gyms.  

What areas in Parramatta can trade 24/7 or late night?

There are three designated Late-Night Trading Areas within Parramatta City Centre, each with specific base and potential extended trading hours.  


Do I need to be aware of any acoustic controls when applying for 24/7 or late night trade?

Yes, any new developments or businesses must meet the LNT DCP's acoustic requirements to minimise noise impact on residents and workers. 

Will there be a trial period of operation?

Yes, extended trading hours are subject to trial periods: the first for 2 years and the second for 5 years. Businesses must comply with management plans to maintain these extended hours. 

How does this plan work with the State Government Vibrancy Reforms?

The LNT DCP aligns with the State Government’s 24-Hour Economy Legislation, ensuring a cohesive approach to creating a vibrant nightlife. More information on the Vibrancy Reforms can be found at Vibrancy Reforms.

What if my business is not located within the Late Night Trading Areas, can I still apply for Late Night trading?

Yes, businesses outside the designated areas can apply. These applications will be assessed based on local conditions and potential impacts on the surrounding area. 

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

For more information or if you have any questions about the LNT DCP please contact the Land Use Planning Team on 9806 5050. For any general planning enquiries please contact the Duty Planner on 9806 5050.