Where to park in Parramatta

Looking for places to park in Parramatta? We have over 4700 on and off-street parking spaces in Parramatta. Use our parking finder tool to help you find your perfect parking spot.

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About the Parking Finder tool

Our Parking Finder:

  • Works in ‘real time’ so you get the most up-to-date information 
  • Shows you options for free parking, kiss and ride spaces, accessible parking, bike parking and paid parking 
  • Gives you predicted availability for the future based on historical data so you know how busy it will be when you want a spot
  • If you’re looking to park at one of Council’s multi-level parking stations, just search Justice Precinct; Parramatta Station; Eat Street and City Centre and you can see how busy any station is at any time.

Note: Council offers up to 20 minutes free parking at its Parramatta Station Car Park on Monday to Saturday and up four (4) hours free parking at all its multi-level parking stations on Sundays. Parking at multi-level car parks starts at $3 per hour.