Internships and Work Integrated Learning

Connecting employers, industry, and local businesses to university students.

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Internships and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in Parramatta

Work experience placements, or internships, offer mutually beneficial outcomes for university students and employers throughout Parramatta.

Whether a short or long-term arrangement, internships provide students with practical experience in a workplace environment. The practical skills students develop can increase their employment and career options post-study. 

Investing in a student’s early development can also reap future rewards for participating employers, with the potential to recruit a workplace-ready graduate with an understanding of your business. 

A work placement arrangement might involve: 

  • an internship for a few days or weeks 
  • an individual placement for a semester, term, or trimester
  • a vocational placement 
  • a specific project or group activity that forms part of the study program
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Benefits to Employers

Supporting an internship program connects your organisation to university and Parramatta communities. With raw talent comes fresh ideas, and new ways of looking at everyday practices can add surprising value to your business. 

Internships enable your business to access resources and knowledge you may not have in your organisation.  A student team project, for example, might be able to help your business achieve an outcome or find a solution that you haven’t had the available resources or time to do. 

Employer organisations committed to improving student outcomes and building stronger communities through skills development can add reputational value to their business.  It can position your organisation as a preferred employer of choice and attract interest from potential employees.

Recruiting well-matched people to your business can be challenging and time-consuming.  An internship can help you identify talent for future recruitment, saving you valuable time.

Connecting your business with local talent

University of New England

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University of New England

UNE students are unique as a student group with many students having already worked for a few years, gained worldly experience and travelled. In addition to the student’s theory knowledge of their field of study, many UNE students will bring a highly developed and transferable skill set with them.

Swinburne University of Technology

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Swinburne University of Technology

Build your talent pipeline with Swinburne’s next generation of creative, innovative and adaptable thinkers and doers through our WIL and employment programs, including placements, internships, industry-linked projects and more. Our vision “People and technology working together to build a better world” commits us to ensure that every Swinburne learner gets a work experience.

Western Sydney University

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Western Sydney University

The Placements Hub provides leadership and coordination of a university-wide approach to the operationalisation and administration of partnership pedagogy through supporting placements and WIL activities. The Hub aligns curriculum to legislated accreditation frameworks, university requirements and administrative operations.

University of New South Wales

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University of New South Wales

Direct interaction with students can help partner organisations identify potential for recruitment, often with an appreciation of the value different kinds of graduates can bring to the organisation. Many organisations use WIL activities to provide professional development opportunities for their staff, especially in mentoring and managing students.

University of Sydney

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University of Sydney

We partner with industry and the community to provide our students with opportunities to learn through internships and placements. At the University of Sydney, we value real-world learning and experiences that give our students the knowledge and skills to thrive in their discipline and better equip them as graduates.

Further Information

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Further Information

Contact the FairWork Ombudsman for general information on workplace experience and internships.

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Next Steps for Employers

Dedicated university personnel can answer your questions and guide you through the process. If you decide to proceed, your university (or universities) of choice will work with you to develop a formal arrangement aligned to your organisation’s needs. 

Arrangements are formally structured (coordinated by a participating university) so that all parties clearly understand their role and responsibilities. This approach reduces the administrative burden on your business. 

Employers wanting to find out more about internship opportunities are encouraged to contact our university partners. 

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Local Government and University Partnerships

City of Parramatta, is working closely with our Alliance partners to transform Parramatta into a globally-recognised education and training hub. With over 25,000 students enrolled across Parramatta’s university campuses and over a billion dollars of future investment in university facilities, Parramatta continues to position itself as a preferred destination for education.  It offers internationally recognised tertiary education providers, facilities, and programs to ensure students are career-ready right at your door.