It's time to rediscover Parramatta

As workers return to Parramatta, the city is continuing its rise as one of Australia’s most vibrant, connected and exciting places to work, live and visit.

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Driving the City's Recovery

Energy and optimism are returning to the streets of Parramatta, with office workers getting back to a more “normal” way of working. That means grabbing a coffee on the way to the office, a lunch with colleagues, popping into the shops for a quick browse and after work drinks with friends – all of the perks that come with office life.

More office workers also translates into more retail, hospitality and construction workers – compounding the economic recovery and transformation of Sydney’s western CBD.

As the city emerges from lockdowns and shutdowns, Parramatta’s events calendar is booking in plenty of exciting things. There’s also a lot to catch up on, including the City's largest festival, Parramatta Nights, held in March, as the promise of what’s ahead for Parramatta has fuelled plenty of investment and development even as the pandemic was closing things down.

What you missed: Catching up on the best of Parramatta

The transformation of Parramatta Square, a three-hectare space, is a key project in the city’s revitalisation. It will include award-winning architecture, outdoor spaces, a forecourt and community and entertainment areas. 

Although not set to be completed until 2022, there’s already plenty for foodies to enjoy at Parramatta Square. Betty’s Burgers, Harvey’s Hot Sandwiches, Rivareno Gelato, Threefold Pastry and Fishbowl are already serving up something special.

A second CicciaBella, following the success of the first iconic Bondi Icebergs restaurant, calls the Parramatta Square development home. The owner, Maurice Terzini, was reportedly drawn to the City of Parramatta because of its growing hospitality investment opportunities.

Every Wednesday, Centenary Square will host a Farmer’s Market with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, nuts, bread, honey, pastries and flowers on offer. Visit during your lunch break or take a trip out to discover the best produce across the Sydney basin and regional NSW – all in one spot every week.

Big business and government offices have also been on the move, with NAB arriving, three of the big four accounting firms now having a Parramatta presence, the ABC announcing plans to relocate 300 Ultimo staff to Parramatta and QBE securing 51% of the new 32 Smith Street development. The NSW Government is on track to occupy 250,000 sqm of office space in Parramatta by 2022, matching its presence in Sydney CBD, according to Property NSW.

What's ahead: Working and living in Parramatta

Encouragingly, Parramatta has more office space leased than it had pre-COVID, with more people taking up office space than leaving according to the Property Council of Australia. And while there is growing demand for office space, more new office space also came onto the market.

And as people build businesses and careers in the west, Parramatta’s open spaces, affordable and friendly neighbours, and growing education and health resources are also making it an attractive place to live.

It’s a win-win situation that gives workers better work-life balance and adds to the prosperity of the city and sense of community. When workers are more connected to the community they work in, they feel a stronger sense of pride and purpose. They are investing in their professional future and the economic growth of their neighbourhood at the same time. They also absorb the energy that comes with working in a city that is growing and evolving.

Parramatta local Katie Herea met her husband at a local football match and moved here when they got married. She says the best thing about living and working in Parramatta is the extra time it gives her. “My job at work finishes and then the real work starts,” she says. “So just having that extra time is so precious to me. I can do the things I need to do as well as what I want to do – which is to spend quality time and play with my daughter.”

Vandana Saini also lives and works in Parramatta and says living so close to work and her stepson’s school takes a load off her shoulders. They love that they can both walk to where they need to go – starting the day in a peaceful, active way. There’s the added peace of mind too – if anything goes wrong Vandana is just around the corner.
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Parramatta’s largest festival is back for 2022!

Fridays 5pm - 10pm, Saturdays 2pm - 11pm, and Sundays Sun 2pm - 8pm
18 March – 27 March

It's your time to meet up with friends and family for music, food, art, and so much more at Parramatta Nights. Everything from classic rock to symphonic classics. Roller skating to jazz-jiving. Live music, performances, and art in the heart of Parramatta.

Explore your way through a mix of live music, performances, and art in the heart of the CBD as Parramatta Nights takes over the streets with five outdoor stages. From Korean rap to Jamaican dancehall. Jazz, comedy, RnB and so much more. Over two huge weekends celebrate diverse culture and talent in Western Sydney and beyond.

Parramatta Nights is proudly funded by NSW Government’s The Festival of Place Open Streets program.

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