Parramatta by Foot

Back in 2020, City of Parramatta commissioned local Western Sydney artists to install temporary artworks across Rosehill Ward, to surprise and delight the community, on their daily (and much needed) walks, during the midst of Covid-19 lockdown. 

We are excited to welcome ‘Parramatta by Foot’ 2.0! 

After the success of the first phase of pop-up art throughout Rosehill ward, City of Parramatta has rolled out a second instalment of Parramatta by Foot. Curated by Parramatta Artist’s Studio, Parramatta By Foot assembles some of Western Sydney’s best emerging artists and challenges them to create footpath art reflecting the rich diversity of the local community. So get out and about and have a look at what our artists have come up with. 

Artwork will be on display until March 2022. View the map to find all the locations.

Stage 1 (concluded)

nadia odlum artwork at wentworth point community centre

Wentworth Point Community Centre

Artist – Nadia Odlum

I’ll meet you here again is a labyrinth by artist Nadia Odlum. It is inspired by the historic labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France and reflects on the shifts in how people move through public spaces during COVID- 19. Wentworth Point Community Centre and Library forecourt.

artwork at harris park shops

Harris Park Shops

Artist – Penelope Cain

Gondwana forest footfall by Penelope Cain explores the relationship between Australia and India by presenting a series of fossil-based images from the Permian period. Harris Park Shops, Wigram Street.

street artwork in granville

Bridge St, Granville

Artist - Kalanjay Dhir

Immersion: Granville Patch by Kalanjay Dhir is a footpath artwork that includes top-down images of a person swimming through the footpath. Token-like images with text turn this artwork into a game that directs pedestrian movement as they respond to a series of questions relating to spirituality and the environment. Bridge Street, near Granville Train Station

artwork along parramatta bike path

Parramatta River bike path – near Eric Primrose Reserve 

Artists - Leanne Tobin and Jason Wing

Mogari – to fish by First Nations artists Leanne Tobin and Jason Wing is a collaborative painting, relating to local aquatic wildlife and Indigenous fishing technologies. This work explores the Darug people’s relationship with the Parramatta River. Parramatta River bike path near Rydalmere Wharf.

Stage 2 (on display until March 2022)

artist Tarik Ahlip

Betty Cuthbert Shops, Ermington

Artist: Tarik Ahlip

Current Parramatta Artists’ Studios Rydalmere artist, Tarik Ahlip, has developed a concept based on the nature of public space. A collection of catchy phrases will be painted on the footpath giving the community a sense of the chatter, babble and lively conversations that occur in selected sites across Ermington – a suburb he often frequents. Painted in an ‘anamorphic’ style, the words create an illusion of three-dimensionality, the words will shift and distort and from some angles appear to float above the path.

artist jason wing

Footpath near playground - near Eric Primrose Reserve 

Artists: Jason Wing and Shae Tobin

Following the success and popularity of their work Mogari – to fish in 2020, First Nations artists Jason Wing and Shay Tobin return to restage their artwork concept for a new community and site. Drawing on the context of the site, a new vocabulary of Dharug words will form a bi-lingual street dictionary for the community to learn language and deepen their understanding of First Nations culture.

artist annie McKinnon

Pierre De Coubertin footpath near playground

Artist: Annie McKinnon

Inspired by hopscotch, handball and playground games, Annie McKinnon, will offer the community a series of new footpath games that will bring activity and play to Newington. Enticed by a curious set of drawings, members of the public can the accompanying QR codes and be directed by a set of game rules. The community will be asked to jump, stretch and step their way through the ‘course’

Behind the Scenes with Nadia Odlum

Behind the Scenes with Nadia Odlum

Artist Nadia Odlum takes us behind the scenes of her artwork I'll meet you here again at Wentworth Point Community Centre.