Lunar New Year 2024 Quiz

Let's have a little fun, with this Lunar New Year quiz. How many can you get right?

3 mins read

To celebrate our upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations in Parramatta, we have a created a fun quiz to test your family and friends. How well do you think you will go?

1.    In 2024, we are celebrating the year of…

  • a)    Kangaroo
  • b)    Koala
  • c)    Dragon
  • d)    Ibis

2.    Which of the following is false when it comes to dragons?

  • a)    Lucky numbers: 1, 6 and 7
  • b)    Lucky colours: Gold, silver and greyish white
  • c)    Lucky flowers: Bleeding heart glory bower and dragon flowers
  • d)    Lucky foods: sweet buns and bubble tea

3. How many zodiac signs are there?

  • a) 4
  • b) 8
  • c) 12
  • d) 24

4. Which of the following animal is not part of the Chinese zodiac?

  • a) Rat
  • b) Goat
  • c) Rooster
  • d) Wombat

5. What can be found in lucky red envelopes?

  • a) Money
  • b) Lollies
  • c) Tea
  • d) Confetti

6.  Why does the date of Lunar New Year change from year to year?

  • a) It has to be celebrated after 1 January and before the Easter break
  • b) It falls on the first new moon of a lunar calendar 
  • c) The date is chosen for optimal weather conditions
  • d) It coincides with the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere

7. Lunar New Year is also known as

  • a) Spring Festival
  • b) Family Festival
  • c) Food Festival
  • d) Lucky Festival

8. For those who are a little bit superstitious, what are some of the things you should AVOID doing on Lunar New Year to ensure the coming months will be filled with good fortune?

  • a) Eating lucky foods which for some cultures includes dumplings, noodles and fish
  • b) Wearing red on both the outside and under your clothes (yes, that includes underwear!) 
  • c) Gifting or accepting lucky red pockets
  • d) Cutting or washing your hair, washing clothes and cleaning or sweeping






Q1:C, Dragon, specifically the Year of the Wood Dragon

Q2:D, Lucky foods


Q4:D, Wombat 

Q5:A, Money


Q7:A, Spring Festival

Q8:D, These activities are considered to be washing or sweeping away good fortune


Find out about the Lunar New Year festivities in Parramatta including our free event on Saturday 10 February featuring food, entertainment and beautiful decorations.