A strong housing market has seen Epping experience unprecedented levels of redevelopment and growth since rezoning in 2014 and brought significant challenges and transport opportunities to this planned precinct. 

Epping Planning Review Project

After the City of Parramatta Council amalgamations in May 2016, Epping Town Centre came to fall entirely within the City of Parramatta. This gave the City the opportunity to address critical issues and plan for how Epping will function over the next 20 years.  The Epping Planning Review project will deliver these outcomes.

To provide context for Epping’s fast growth, as at June 2018, more than 5500 dwellings had been approved (or were being assessed). This equals about 12,840 new residents expected to move into the area over the next five to seven years. This places significant pressure on existing infrastructure but also opportunities for businesses servicing residents in the area to flourish. 

The popular West Epping Park continues to drive a social return on investment (SROI), as evidenced in a recent study. 
The Epping Planning Review project covers technical studies on:

  • Heritage -  whether the development has changed the character and nature of the Heritage Conservation Areas (HCAs)
  • Commercial floor space - identifying how much floor space is currently available for business and retail what is needed for a thriving, vibrant centre
  • Social infrastructure - understanding what facilities such as halls, sports fields, libraries and playgrounds are available now and what is needed in the future
  • Traffic -  reviewing current conditions and future requirements

The Epping Planning Review project will help the City fully understand the land use and traffic issues and create a vision for the future of Epping.

Child Swimmers with their swimming instructor at Epping Pool, a major social infrastructure centerpiece for the community

More Information

Visit the Department of Planning and Environment’s website for more information on plans for Epping. 

Epping Planning Review project contacts

Email placeservices@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au to receive regular emails about the Epping Planning Review.
For any queries about community consultation and engagement, contact:
Lily Wang, Place Manager
(02) 9806 5347

For enquiries relating to land use planning, contact:
Jacky Wilkes, Senior Project Officer
(02) 9806 5496

An image of Epping Station bustling with commuters moving through the morning rush hour.