Stepping through Epping

An outdoor public art program 

June - August 2022

Stepping through Epping

An outdoor public art program | June – August 2022

Stepping through Epping, curated by Parramatta Artists’ Studios brings together our artists Nadia Odlum and Chris Dolman. They have created two temporary artworks in the Epping Ward, City of Parramatta.  These playful works have been created with the communities of Epping in mind and invite you out to enjoy the local area. 

Portait of artist Nadia Odlum. Photo credit: Jacquie Manning

Nadia Odlum

Nadia’s practice involves introducing moments of play and connection through their installations in public space.

They have delivered temporary artworks for Wentworth Point Community Hub, Sydney Olympic Park and permanent public art in Granville.

Nadia is one of the current Parramatta Artists’ Studios Rydalmere artists. 

Roll, an interactive artwork by artist Nadia Odlum.


Roll is an interactive artwork that encourages discovery and play.

A brightly coloured maze of tracks on the hill in Boronia Park becomes a participatory ball run.

Different sized and weighted balls will sit at the top of the hill in a basket. The community are invited to play with the artwork by rolling the balls down the pipes.

Roll has been created with the children and families of Epping in mind and can act as a catalyst for intergenerational connection and engagement.

Roll on View 5 June – 19 June

Portrait of artists Chris Dolman. Photo credit: Jacquie Manning.

Chris Dolman

Chris uses caricature, pop culture references and humour to create absurd narratives for his mischievous characters. His work explores human psychology and emotion. 

His work has been featured in exhibitions in Western Sydney, throughout Australia and internationally.

Chris is one of the current Parramatta Artists’ Studios Rydalmere artists. 

Wandering Troubadours Epping character with tongue by artist Chris Dolman.

Wandering Troubadours

The Wandering Troubadours are a series of playful self-portraits that take from the art histories of caricature and the comic grotesque.

Mixing slapstick humour with geometric shapes and bold colour. This series of weird characters were created via a mix of physical and digital painting.

These characters will engage with the Epping community, both young and old in a light-hearted and inquisitive way.

The decals will guide you on your journey from Epping Train Station, up Oxford St, near Epping Library.

Stepping through Epping has been supported by former Epping Councillors through the Epping Councillors Ward initiatives budget.