iiShield revolutionising transplant surgery

Revolutionising transplant surgery with the KPJ, iiShield are making a profound impact on patient care and paving the way for a brighter future in the field of organ transplantation.

iiShield are a team of diverse, experienced, and motivated individuals with a strong engineering and clinical background. Their mission is to address a pressing need in transplant surgery, keeping tansplanted organs cooler for longer during surgery.

In transplant surgery, every moment counts. Surgeons face the challenge of limited time, increasing the risk of complications and thermal injury to transplant organs. Recognising this critical gap, iiShield set out to develop a solution that would revolutionise the field.

Enter the KPJ, also known as "kidney pyjamas." An innovative single-use medical device is designed to keep transplant organs cooler for longer during surgery, providing surgeons with the precious time they need to operate with precision and care.
The KPJ isn't just a game-changer; it's a lifesaver. Here's how:

  • Unobtrusive: No change in the way the operation is performed
  • Synergistic: KPJ can be used in conjunction with emerging technologies
  • Low surgical risk
  • Desired: Addresses a universally recognised unmet need.

Jeremy Kwarcinski – Founder and CEO

What has iiShield created?

We provide vital protections for vital organs, we developed what we like to call the kidney pyjamas. It's a single use sterile device that aims to assist in kidney transplantation, leading to better outcomes for both patients and surgeons. Our flagship product, the kidney pyjamas, or KPJ, is our starting point where we are looking to improve the outcomes for kidney transplantation, starting both in Australia and the US. Ideally, we hope for technology like the KPJ to become a gold standard for organ protection across all organs in transplantation. 

Why do you think it’s important to be based in Parramatta?

We've been part of the Westmead ecosystem from the very beginning of the inception of our ideas. Our clinical partners are based here in Westmead and all of our pre-work has been done in and around the Westmead area with the help from these clinicians. So, Cicada moving across here is fantastic. You get the best of both worlds, having on tap access to the Cicada network and also being right next door to where all the clinical magic happens.


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