Harnessing XR technologies to enhance forensic investigations and crime scene analysis training.

ForensicXR focuses on harnessing XR technologies such as the use of extended reality (XR) technologies, which include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) to enhance forensic investigations and crime scene analysis. The technology allows for immersive and detailed reconstructions of crime scenes to be viewed holographically, which can be valuable for law enforcement, investigators, and legal professionals. ForensicXR has the capability to do:

  • Crime Scene Reconstruction: ForensicXR uses MR technology to create virtual models of crime scenes, as well as the capability to holographically investigate a LiDAR scanned crime scene. This can help investigators visualise complex scenarios, analyse evidence, and test hypotheses in a virtual environment.
  • Courtroom Presentations: The technology can be used to create interactive presentations for courtrooms, providing juries and legal professionals with a clearer understanding of crime scenes and evidence.
  • Training and Simulation: ForensicXR can be used to create immersive training scenarios for law enforcement and forensic professionals, enabling them to practice and refine their skills in a virtual and safe environment. It allows for the creation of effectively an unlimited number of saved scenarios, some of which may be illegal or hazardous to create in real life.

Kirk Duncan – Founder and CEO

What is ForensicXR?

We're a fairly new startup. We commercialised ForensicXR, which is essentially a holographic crime scene investigation tool. Students, the AFP, or other policing agencies can create a holographic crime scene, send in their participants and students to then work that crime scene as they ordinarily would. 

Tell us about how Launch Pad has helped you on your startup journey?

What Launch Pad has allowed us to do is have conversations, work with the university, but also then work with other industry bodies to solve technical challenges. Second, we also have access to really good researchers and mentors who, through Launch Pad have helped us on our journey. Through Launch Pad, we could gain access to university resources such as professional series LiDAR scanners to help test various crime scene scenarios.

Why do you think it’s important to be based in Parramatta?

We love coming to Parramatta, it’s close to the station, and then, even from that perspective, it's just the number of businesses, the number of startups that we then have access to. Everything that I need and really use is available here in Parramatta. 

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