The Heart of Legal Services in Greater Sydney

Hear from local Parramatta law firms HNT Legal and McAuley Lawyers why they think Parramatta is a great place to do business for legal services professionals.

Why legal services choose Parramatta

Why legal services choose Parramatta

The legal sector is thriving in Parramatta, with the highest concentration of legal courts and jobs outside Sydney’s CBD. 


At the heart of this activity is the Parramatta Justice Precinct, home to five courts that provide essential judicial and administrative functions across NSW.


The geographical centre of global Sydney, Parramatta is experiencing unprecedented growth and transformation. With $20 billion dollars of private and public investment reshaping the city, from the new Light Rail and Metro transport connections to A-grade commercial office spaces attracting big business, it’s not surprising that the legal services industry is growing in Parramatta. 


Between 2016 and 2036, the number of legal services professionals living within 30 minutes of Parramatta will nearly double.


Watch the video to hear from local law firm HNT Legal about why they chose Parramatta and learn more about the opportunities for expansion in the Parramatta Justice Precinct from the Chair of the Parramatta Legal & Justice Coalition, Stephen McAuley. 

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Legal Services Choose Parramatta: HNT Legal

We interviewed HNT Legal Commercial Law Partner Alison Cui and Paralegal Danielle Camilet to hear from them why Parramatta is a great place to do business.

Moving Justice Closer to the People

We interviewed the Chair of the Parramatta Legal & Justice Coalition, Stephen McAuley, to hear from him the benefits of expanding the legal justice precinct in Parramatta.

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An Opportunity for Growth: Legal Advocacy Brochure

Along with a permanent Supreme Court presence, the Parramatta Legal and Justice Coalition is advocating for a new law school and more jobs in the Parramatta CBD. It is estimated that an expanded Parramatta Legal and Justice Precinct could attract 2,200 more jobs by 2036.