Legal services choose Parramatta: HNT Legal

We interviewed HNT Legal Commercial Law Partner Alison Cui and Paralegal Danielle Camilet to hear why they think Parramatta is a great place to do business.

Alison Cui, Commercial Law Partner at HNT Legal in Parramatta


How long has HNT Legal been in Parramatta?

HNT Legal is an all service firm (with major practices in commercial and corporate law, small business law, litigation and dispute resolution, family law, property and conveyancing, wills and estates and criminal law). We have been servicing clients in Western Sydney since the 1950's and have proudly been part of Parramatta for the last 11 years.

Why did HNT Legal choose Parramatta?

Our law firm chose parramatta for a number of reasons but the main thing that stuck out was that we wanted to be in the beating heart of the Western Sydney community.

We understand our clients, we speak their languages, literally and figuratively, and we live in the community.

1) Location 

The location of Parramatta is great for our staff and our clients. Most of our staff live within a short bus, train, walk, and soon enough Metro or Light Rail ride away. It’s very convenient.

2) Local talent

There’s a huge amount of local talent in Parramatta with five amazing Universities providing us with great lawyers, admin staff and paralegals. A lot of our lawyers actually obtained their law degrees in Parramatta. It’s amazing to have these facilities here in Parramatta.

3) Rapidly growing client base

We have access to a huge rapidly growing client base in Parramatta and in the Great Western Sydney area. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with clients in different industries including education, real estate, childcare, as well as professional and financial services. I’m really excited to be on my clients’ growth journeys.

4) Parramatta Justice Precinct 

Parramatta’s Justice Precinct has been really great for our court-based lawyers, with most major courts in one central area.

5) Parramatta’s vibrancy

We love the vibrancy and diversity that Parramatta brings in terms of its night-life offerings. You’ll often find us at an Indian restaurant on Friday nights or you might even find us getting a Banh Mi during the week.

What sets Parramatta apart as a place to do business?

Apart from being the geographical centre of Sydney, what sets Parramatta apart is its individuality. Every person, every business has their own story of how they got there, what they’re doing now, and where they want to be.

What are you most excited about for the future of legal services in Parramatta? 

With the population of Parramatta set to double by 2036, there’ll be a huge influx of people and businesses who will be requiring legal and professional services, which we’re really excited about.

Why should businesses be based in Parramatta?

Businesses should be based in Parramatta because there is so much opportunity here, given the diversity of its population as well as its businesses, and access to different industries. 

With its centrality to different suburbs in Sydney, it’s a great place to be located for people to gain access to and be a part of that journey of up-and-coming industries.

Danielle Camilet, Paralegal at HNT Legal in Parramatta


What do you love about living and working in Parramatta?

Parramatta is central to everything. I live a short 10-minute walk from work and it’s only a 20-minute train ride away to the Sydney CBD too. 

Working and living in Parramatta I’m spoilt for choice, with so many restaurants, bars and cafes, there’s always something for you to do here after work and after Uni. The team at HNT Legal does monthly drinks, food, and activities like Escape Rooms and Paint & Sip Classes. There is a wealth of options of things to do after work in Parramatta. 

I love the entertainment options from the Riverside Theatres to the new Parramatta Aquatic Centre, and the proximity to Westfield for shopping. 

There’s a great sense of community in Parramatta as well. I really love living and working here.

What do you like about working at HNT Legal?

HNT Legal is unique in that we come from a variety of different backgrounds, and we can really use our differences to better serve our clients. 

I love the collaborative spirit we have here. There’s no ego or pride in getting help from one another. We’re able to do what’s best for our clients by using our own specialities and using our own strengths. I think it’s really unique in that way. It’s warm and inviting, we try and make the law as accessible as we can which is how I think the law should be.

How do your clients benefit from HNT Legal being based in Parramatta?

Most of our clients do live locally and we get a lot of word-of-mouth referrals. 

Being only a short walk away from the Justice Precinct as well, it’s really easy for our clientele to access different services in the Legal department.

What are you most excited about for the future of Parramatta?

I’m excited to see how all the building developments go and seeing the different businesses that migrate here. It will change the landscape here and I’m keen to see Parramatta becoming the new central city, particularly when the transport options come through like the Light Rail. 

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