Investing in Parramatta's legal and justice precinct

An expanded Parramatta Legal and Justice Precinct has economic, social and practical benefits, however investment and commitment is required.

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Moving justice closer to the people

Parramatta is the centre of Global Sydney

More than two million people already call Western Sydney home and, over the next 20 years, that’s set to rise by another one million – relative to 700,000 in the east.

Equitable access to justice services, a fundamental tenet to the rule of law, means legal and justice precincts should be located within reach of the population.

However, despite the existing court infrastructure in Parramatta and the precinct’s capacity for growth, the majority of legal services remain anchored in the Sydney CBD.


Court resourcing, perceived lack of prestige compared to Sydney CBD and less proximity to other firms and access to professional service firms is a constant strain on growth.

Investing in the Centre of Global Sydney

Parramatta’s Legal and Justice Precinct is, however, well-positioned to support and accommodate growth. In addition to existing infrastructure, there’s increasing accessibility to talent and customers, high-quality amenities, growing transport networks and premium office space availability.

What’s required is investment, particularly in the resourcing of the courts.

A growing legal and business hub

The opportunities for the legal and business sectors in Parramatta are already beginning to be realised.

A number of small to medium legal firms are located in Parramatta along with three of the big four accounting firms. And the number of legal professionals practising within 30 minutes of Parramatta is predicted to almost double between 2016 and 2036 – driven by good public transport links to the Sydney CBD and continued development in Parramatta and Western Sydney.

Further investment in Parramatta Legal and Justice Precinct would see returns that flow through the local community.

The increase in legal professionals in Parramatta would increase expenditure in the local economy and the boost in jobs would represent between $36 million and $350 million in value add to the local economy.

Case study: Coleman Grieg lawyers

As Parramatta’s Legal and Justice Sector continues to grow and attract law firms from across Greater Sydney, some law firms have called Parramatta home for quite some time now. Coleman Grieg lawyers, Sydney’s largest commercial law firm outside Sydney CBD has a long history in Parramatta and a strong commitment to the region.

Read the case study.

Committing to future growth

Economic, social and practical benefits of Parramatta Justice Precinct’s expansion are waiting. However, commitment is required to realise this expansion and the associated benefits.

The Parramatta Legal and Justice Sector Report, commissioned by the City of Parramatta, helps us to understand the sector better and identify opportunities for expansion – breaking the cycle that inhibits growth and equitable access to justice.