Expansion of the Parramatta legal and justice precinct coalition

Are you a local industry and/or business leader in Parramatta? The City of Parramatta is seeking Expressions of Interest to be a member of the Parramatta Legal and Justice Precinct Expansion Coalition.

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Expressions of interest for the expansion of the Parramatta legal and justice precinct coalition

The Parramatta Legal and Justice Precinct could attract 2,200 more jobs by 2036 with further investment, further cementing Parramatta’s position as the geographic heart of Sydney.

The primary purpose of the Parramatta Legal and Justice Expansion Coalition is to undertake activities to advocate and promote for an expanded legal and justice precinct in Parramatta. It is to be the centralised point of advocating for the expansion and a permanent presence of the Supreme Court of NSW in Parramatta. It is to be made up of relevant and interested stakeholders who see the value of the expansion to Parramatta’s economy and access to justice services for the people of Western Sydney.

The Coalition will advocate to the state government and relevant stakeholders for:

  1. The physical expansion of the Parramatta Justice Precinct to support the development of Parramatta as a significant legal centre for New South Wales;
  2. A permanent Supreme Court presence in Parramatta (through the attachment of multiple justices to the existing Supreme Court circuit);
  3. The development of a law school within the Parramatta CBD to support talent pool development and retention in the City; and
  4. The development of a legal innovation start-up incubator in the Parramatta CBD.

City of Parramatta's role in the Coalition

Council will automatically be a member of the Coalition and interim Chair at the inaugural meeting. Council until the Coalition Chair is elected.

Council will act as Secretariat for the Coalition and work with the Chair as a centralised touch point for the Coalition. Council will co-ordinate meetings, provide information and regular updates to the Coalition and Supporters of the Coalition.

Council will use its channels of communication such as media releases, Parramatta Business Newsletter to promote activities of the Coalition.

Benefits for becoming a member

The benefits of becoming a member of the Coalition is that you get to participate in the framing and shaping of the Expansion of the Parramatta Legal and Justice Precinct. The Coalition aims to conduct high-level advocacy for this expansion which will add to job growth, greater education and innovation opportunities in the legal sector and greater access to justice services for the community.

EOI Selection Criteria

  • Must be a member of a peak body in the legal sector or a law firm or deliver business that provides services to legal and justice sector; or a business representative of Parramatta business community;
  • Universities and other relevant education institutions such as The College of Law to establish tertiary education and courses based in Parramatta; and
  • Organisations or businesses that can assist with the establishment of a legal innovation hub.

Those applicants who have expressed interest but who are not admitted to the Coalition will form a list of registered stakeholders. These stakeholders will be kept up-to-date with developments and activities of the Coalition. Applications can be accepted from an individual representing an organisation, body or firm. The selected organisation can nominate representatives to attend meetings and the membership counts as the organisation and not the individual.