Parramatta Quay & Charles Street Square

With the $12m+ transformation of Charles Street Square now complete, Parramatta Quay is ready to welcome residents and visitors to a new riverfront gathering place that connects people to Parramatta’s unique stories. Charles Street Square now offers a distinctive arrival for ferry passengers, and easy-to-navigate accessible connections from the riverfront to the City. 

Architects rendering of walkers and dinners moving thru the cafe section of the new proposed Parramatta Quay overlooking the ferry terminal.

Charles Street Square brings Parramatta Quay to Life

Parramatta Quay is the gateway to our City for those who travel by ferry along the Parramatta River, or walk, wheel, or ride along the foreshore. 

It is a place of great cultural significance, where the fresh water of the upper Parramatta River meets the brine of the lower reaches and connects Parramatta to Sydney. Charles Street Square celebrates this place, ‘where eels lie down’, and tells the story of the river. This vibrant public space, now offers a wide riverside promenade, an amphitheatre, garden terrace and city square. Ramps and stairs allow for easier connections between the Parramatta River and the CBD, and universal design principles mean everyone can enjoy.

An aerial photograph of the Escarpment Boardwalk connecting both sides of the Parramatta River at the Ferry Wharf

Escarpment Boardwalk Complete

The Escarpment Boardwalk is literally a pivotal piece of social infrastructure connecting people from one side of the river to the other.

It is a pedestrian and cyclist friendly thoroughfare and extends east under the MacArthur Street Bridge to join the Parramatta River Cycle way providing 20kms of access across both sides of the River locally and access to more than 100kms of walking and cycling paths extending all the way to Sydney Olympic Park. 

Architects rendering of the proposed Parramatta Quay and Charles Street Square Upgrade.

Ferry wharf becomes Parramatta Quay

Arriving by ferry into Parramatta has never been so wonderful. The completion of Charles Street Square has transformed the experience into one which showcases the natural beauty of the Parramatta River and tells the story of the river, Country, and the people who have shaped Parramatta over time. 

Welcoming tens of thousands of residents, commuters, and visitors each year, Parramatta Quay is set to become a thriving precinct incorporating a transport hub and recreational space. Spilling out of the ferry into Charles Street Square, visitors now have easy-access to the CBD via gently graded ramps and terraces, and lots of opportunities to enjoy riverfront views.