Fun sports and interesting ways to exercise

Parramatta is full of exciting activities. Here are 10 fun sports and exercises for you to try, all within 30 minutes of the CBD.

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Fun ways to keep active

With such a vibrant and active atmosphere, Parramatta is full of exciting activities. Whether you’re looking for a solo hobby, a team sport or a family outing, you can find the right fit just a few kilometres away. Here are 10 fun sports and exercises for you to try.

Flying trapeze

Circus Arts is Sydney’s original Flying Trapeze school. For more than 20 years, they’ve been promoting fun exercises and fitness through flying trapeze and circus classes.

With classes running every weekend and daily during NSW school holidays, it’s easy to find a time that works for your schedule. Bring along your friends and family too! These classes are suitable for all ages and levels of experience. With sessions available for corporate team building and private groups, you’re sure to make incredible memories. 

Visit the Circus Arts website to learn more about their classes and activities. 

two people practicising flying trapeze with blue sky background

Circus skills

Is your family bored and claiming they’ve tried everything? Sign them up for a circus skills class at Circus Arts. Perfect for kids 5-13 years old, they’ll learn and practice juggling, pyramids, low aerials, hula hoops, tight-wire and how to swing on a high-flying trapeze. With an outdoor venue, your kids will get some fun exercise and fresh air during each class. 

Classes are held Saturday and Sunday all year round as well as every day during NSW school holidays. You can learn more and book a class by visiting the Circus Arts website.

man practicing circus skills, suspended in giant hoop in the air with circus tent behind him


Bouldering is like rock climbing without needing a harness, rope or partner. With walls only going to 4.5m and the ground covered in specialised cushioned flooring, you’re able to climb with complete freedom and peace of mind.

Parramatta is home to one of five world class 9 Degrees facilities in NSW. With at least 100 boulders in every gym that are regularly changed, this is a great way to have fun and exercise. 

Visit the 9 Degrees website to learn about pricing, hours and their community of climbers. 

woman practicing bouldering

Pickleball (Toongabbie)

If want to try a new, fun sport – pickleball is your answer! It’s a social sport that combines tennis, table tennis and badminton. With a smaller court size and slower ball than tennis, this sport is quickly becoming popular among kids and retirees alike. 

Grab some of your friends and give it a go! Located at the Binalong Park Tennis Courts in Toongabbie, you can book a session through Meetup. 

people playing pickleball

Rowing boats or kayaks at Lake Parramatta

When you’re looking to spend time outdoors, head down to Lake Parramatta for a range of activities and facilities. There are bush walking tracks, picnic facilities and a playground for everyone to enjoy. You can also hire boats, kayaks or pedalboats if you want some fun exercise. 

From leisure laps around the lake in a swan pedalboat, to a more strenuous workout in a kayak, there is something for everyone. No bookings are required at Parramatta Rowboats, making it an easy to head down and take advantage of good weather. You can learn more about the rental equipment on the Parramatta Rowboats website. 

mother and daughter on pedalboat

Laser tag

For a team activity, head over to Code Red Laser. Their hi-tech, four level maze will keep you on full alert – complete with fog and flashing lights. If the narrow, winding passages weren’t enough of a challenge, don’t forget there’s a mission to complete and you’re running against the clock!

While walk-ins are allowed if the sessions aren’t full, they recommend booking ahead of time to avoid any disappointment. View their opening hours and packages on the Code Red Laser website. 

men playing laser tag

Table tennis

Table tennis is a fun sport for everyone to enjoy. At Parramatta, we’re lucky enough to have a world class sports hall in Sydney Olympic Park. There are multiple indoor courts that can be hired casually or as an association. You can book daily, weekly or monthly based on your desired frequency. 

Session times are booked by the hour and by appointment only. Head over to the table tennis webpage for more information.

person playing table tennis serving with ball and racket

Sydney BMX Club

If you’re always looking for a new adventure and adrenaline rush, head on over to the Monster BMX track. A world-class 4 X design, this track is open to all riders – talk about an epic way to make exercise fun! Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you can battle it out on one of the best downhill tracks in Sydney. 

The best part is that the track is free to use outside club event times. Visit the BMX & Mountain X webpage to view the 2021 Sydney BMX calendar. 

person mid air on a mountain bike