Foundations: Music: From Songbirds and Songlines to Street Sounds

Presenter Dan Ilic dives headlong into Parramatta’s history, heritage, past and present in this mini-documentary exploring local music. 

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Music: From Songbirds and Songlines to Street Sounds

Music: From Songbirds and Songlines to Street Sounds

Did you know that the first piano in Australia was at Parramatta? The piano arrived on the HMS Sirius in 1788 and was then ensconced at Elizabeth Farm and played by Elizabeth Macarthur.
Parramatta born and bred Dan Ilic (Investigative Humourist, TV Comedy producer) presents the entire 20-million-year history of music in Parramatta in just 10 minutes. 

Starting with our first musician, the magpie, Dan next looks into Darug songs, then the continuing story of Parramatta music takes him on a journey through the convict women’s protests, the first piano, Irish folk, church choirs and military bands.  

Dan is young enough to avoid the 70s pub rock scene yet is born in time to appreciate Parramatta’s rich world music and today’s Western Sydney hip hop. He speaks with composers and performers, unearthing some real gems of local music history. 
Featuring:  Dan Ilic, Cliona Molins, Rosie Macdonald, Indu Balachandran and Dante Knows
Thank you: Jasmine Seymour, Parramatta Female Factory, Mothers of the Nation band, Sydney Living Museums, Elizabeth Farm, Sassy Cat from Youtube, Bob King, , Amaravathi Restaurant, Slim Set, Nardean, Elvis & Milky Lane.
Credits: Producer, DOP, Editor - Chloe Angelo | Camera - Joel Stillone | Presenter, Writer - Dan Ilic | EP, Writer, Research - Frankie Lee