Foundations: 200 Years: The Lancers, Brislington Museum & The Parramatta Female Factory

Presenter Dan Ilic delves into Parramatta’s history, heritage, past and present in a mini documentary about three heritage sites where stories are kept alive by knowledgeable volunteers.

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200 Years: The Lancers, Brislington Museum & Parramatta Female Factory

200 Years: The Lancers, Brislington Museum & Parramatta Female Factory

Dan Ilic (Investigative Humourist, TV Comedy producer) returns to where he grew up in Parramatta and chats with some of the historians, curators and volunteers who preserve the buildings, objects, memories and stories of three institutions that started 200 years ago. 

He speaks with Gay Hendriksen of the Parramatta Female Factory Friends, Ian Hawthorn of the NSW Lancers Museum and Fred Hetherington of the Brislington Medical Museum. 

Along the way Dan encounters riots and songs by convict women, World War Two tanks, a Bren gun carrier, somewhat unnerving surgical instruments and amazing stories from the past told by people who are passionately dedicated to keeping history alive and relevant in Parramatta.
Featuring: Dan Ilic, Gay Hendriksen, Ian Hawthorn, Fred Hetherington
Thank you: Parramatta Female Factory Friends, The Lancers Museum, Brislington Medical & Nursing Museum
Credits: Producer, DOP, Editor - Chloe Angelo | Camera - Joel Stillone | Presenter, Writer - Dan Ilic | EP, Writer, Research - Frankie Lee