NAB arrives in Parramatta

NAB is welcoming colleagues to their new work home in the Centre of Global Sydney, at 3 Parramatta Square.

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On 31 August 2020, NAB began welcoming employees to their new offices in the Centre of Global Sydney, at 3 Parramatta Square. NAB’s Head of Group Property, Kevin Davine, said due to COVID-19 only business critical employees would be working from the new office space initially.

“While we continue to live in communities impacted by COVID-19, we will need to find the right balance between working from 3 Parramatta Square and at home. The wellbeing of our employees remains our top priority and we will maintain the highest standards of health and safety in the office, our branches and business centres.

“We have every confidence our people will love the new workspace and will enjoy being part of one of Australia’s most diverse and thriving areas when the COVID-19 restrictions ease,” said Mr Davine said.

City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Bob Dwyer said it was wonderful to see NAB moving into Parramatta Square.
“We welcome NAB’s employees to Parramatta with open arms; I have no doubt they will love working in our great City and discovering everything it has to offer,” Cr Dwyer said.

Financial services; Parramatta’s largest industry by output

Financial services make up a significant part of Parramatta’s professional economy, attracting blue-chip talent to the area and providing 17,000 jobs. The Finance and Insurance Services sector generated $9.09 billion in the 2017/18 financial year – making it the largest industry in the City of Parramatta by output. It has also been the fastest growing industry (in absolute terms) in the City over the past decade, increasing by $3.6 billion since 2007/08.

This in turn provides opportunities for local residents to progress their careers while working close to home.  Further Investment in the region will harness the talent of local professionals for years to come. In 2016, PwC projected the sector would generate 3,600 new jobs and an additional $2.2 billion of output by 2021. This jobs target has already been met as a result of NAB’s move.

The value of Parramatta

 “Western Sydney is currently home to more than 2 million people – that’s roughly one in every 11 Australians – and projected to grow to 3 million by 2031,” Mr Davine said.

“It is also home to more than 240,000 local businesses, so it absolutely makes sense for NAB to have a strong presence here.”
More than 300,000 NAB customers live in Western Sydney, and that figure is growing rapidly,” he said.

“Our retail branch at Parramatta Square will open in late September; it’s so important for us to be close to our customers in Western Sydney. Parramatta is part of an incredible growth region and being at the centre of activity ensures we’re always listening and learning from our customers.”

Future-proofing the financial workplace

 “As we’ve learned over these past few months in this current COVID-19 environment, while people have been able to sustain working from home, they miss the office workspace. Our commercial buildings are designed to bring out the best in our people so they can collaborate, connect with each other, be inspired and better serve our customers, Mr Davine said.

“3 Parramatta Square spaces and settings have been designed to support the community-oriented focus of our organisation. Smart building features will make it easier and faster for colleagues to navigate throughout their day - built for people, enabled by technology,” says Davine.

“It’s clear to see why the Centre of Global Sydney is such an attractive location for leading financial service institutions.

Cr Dwyer said the completion of 3 Parramatta Square along with the growing presence of business leaders, such as NAB, in Parramatta’s CBD marked the beginning of a new chapter for the City.

“Parramatta is an economic leader with a thriving commercial centre,” he said.

“We are attracting world-class businesses to Western Sydney and providing incredible lifestyle opportunities for our diverse community.

“As COVID-19 restrictions ease and more people return to their workplaces, I look forward to welcoming the rest of NAB’s workers to Parramatta and seeing them become part of our thriving and vibrant City.”