Parramatta Lanes Overview

This year Parramatta Lanes is a little different from previous years. You won’t find packed out streets and laneways, instead you’ll be going on an adventure throughout Parramatta’s CBD, following the Parramatta Lanes Art Trail, stopping by your local favourite venues for live music sets and comedy shows, back to the things you’ve missed. Stay tuned on @parramattalanes for event updates and prepare yourself to welcome back the good vibes. We’ve missed you. 


In Venue

Live music and comedy are taking over your local favourite venues for Parramatta Lanes. Club Parramatta, Lola Cocina, Restaurant 317, Bar30, Crown Hotel, Mikazuki, Milky Lane, Butter and more all have something on offer – whether you want to chill to music or have a laugh (or both).


With Phil Fresh, Kyoshi, Global Sounds, Dobby and more to be announced, and bar by Archie Rose. Stay tuned for news on the outdoor ticketed event. We promise the wait will be totally worth it.

Beats Video

We love Parramatta! So much that we have a Parramatta track and film clip coming up from one of your favourite artists (hint: you may have seen them at one of our previous events).


Global Cities After Dark