Uncle Kurt's Signature Carpark Martini

Take Brookyln street appeal, top-shelf cocktails, mouth-drooling Reuben sandwiches and land them in a graffiti plastered room with barred windows, at the bottom of a multi-storey car park and you’ll find Uncle Kurt’s. Opened in 2016, this award winning bar was Parramatta’s first small bar and a fan favourite in Parramatta’s CBD.

In the video, Unkle Kurt's Bar Manager Sasha Berdyshevsk prepares their signature cocktail the Carpark Martini while in the images, Owner George Makram, talks about where the concept for Uncle Kurt’s comes from.

"I wanted to create a bar in Parramatta that takes absolute pride in what it does – that pursues uncompromising excellence.

"The bench mark was the best bars in Sydney, Melbourne and New York City ... There's a lot of people in Parramatta who travel to Potts Point, Newtown and Darlinghurst to drink in small bars, so I felt there was a need for a local."

"I was thinking about a Brooklyn vibe, so I headed off. I spent time in Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Bushwick and Clifton Hill, where I looked into the gentrification process and the hipster movement. I tried to find the look and feel I was after, as well as the service style, food and drink."

Every handcrafted cocktail served in the 45-seater space features premium spirits and fresh ingredients, made from scratch in-house. The signature Westside, for example, contains kaffir lime leaf-infused gin, yellow chartreuse, citrus, sugar snap pea, honey and ginger. Then there's the Poor Man's Mezcalita, another original, made up of smoked tequila, dry vermouth, sage honey, citrus and hopped grapefruit bitters.

"It's like liquid cooking," explains George. "We make our own syrups, infusions, tinctures, bitters and perfumes. We dehydrate fruits and vegetables ourselves. We carve our own ice daily."

Beyond the ever-changing signature cocktail menu is a solid list of classics, such as the Old Cuban, the Penicillin and the Naked and Famous. Plus, at 4pm daily, $10 Negroni Happy Hour clocks on, signing off at 6pm. For non-cocktail drinkers, the craft beer selection is an international journey, beginning in Australia, crossing the Tasman to New Zealand and then the Pacific to the U.S. Just a few of the drops behind the bar are Young Henry's Newtowner Ale (on tap), Sour Puss Raspberry Ale from Camperdown's Wayward Brewing and Brooklyn Brown Ale.

During the tightest COVID-19 restrictions, Uncle Kurt’s quickly pivoted to deliver their signature dishes and drinks to the local community.

George Makram

George Makram