Riding, running, swimming, skating, Georgia's Parramatta

Born just 6 minutes away from where she has lived her whole life, 10-year-old Georgia loves everything that Parramatta has to offer. Along with her younger sister, her weekends and school holidays are busy with bike riding, swimming, playing with friends and visiting many of the local parks with scooters, helmets and snacks.

“My mum loves to take us on adventures to Parramatta. Sometimes it’s just for lunch and an ice-cream, but other times we take a train to Sydney, have fish and chips for lunch at the Rocks before catching the ferry to Parramatta and a bus back home. So much fun how easy it is to get around.”

With Sydney Olympic Park having so many great facilities, Georgia often finds herself there on weekends, whether to play at Blaxland Riverside Park, to see her first concert (Taylor Swift) or to use the many sporting facilities.

“I’m so lucky Sydney Olympic Park is close as I love sports and there is always so much to do there. My sister and I love splashing around at the Aquatic Centre and this year was my third Kids Tryathlon at Sydney Olympic Park.”

Lake Parramatta has always been a great spot to visit with kids, but since the Lake reopened for swimming in 2015, it’s become one of Georgia’s favourite places to go.

“Lake Parramatta is just a few minutes down the road so we go there often. We usually get there quite early, especially if it’s going to be hot. One of my favourite times at Lake Parramatta was in winter when we took our art books and did some great drawings as we did the bushwalk around the lake.”

The Riverside Theatre Spot On Children’s Festival has been running for many years and has continued to grow and expand. As well as a great line up of shows and events every year, the courtyard offers a range of free activities including craft, roving performers, face painting and performances.

“I love going to the Spot On festival at Riverside Theatre during school holidays. Sometimes we just go to the courtyard where there is always something going on, other times, we see a show. My favourite show was Mr Snot Bottom’s Stinky Silly Show. When my nan comes to Riverside Theatre to see a show that she likes, she comes and picks me up from school which I like.”

Parramatta is well-known for its family-friendly festivals and events which include Parramatta Lanes, New Year's Eve, Australia Day and Lunar New Year.

“I love going to different events in Parramatta. One of my favourites is the Winterlight festival. One year, I was so obsessed with Elsa from Frozen that I even wore my Elsa dress ice-skating.”

Georgia’s top ten favourite things to do in Parramatta:

1. Swimming at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre
2. Bushwalking and swimming at Lake Parramatta
3. Throwing snowballs at Winterlight
4. Running through the splash park at Dundas, even when its winter
5. Going to Spot On Children's festival at Riverside Theatre
6. Riding around Parramatta Park and end up at the trampolines
7. Eating gelato at Gelato Messina
8. Trying some new food at Lunar New Year Festival
9. Catching the Ferry to Sydney
10. Tenpin bowling at Parra Leagues


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